Advanced First Contact Resolution calculator

The impact of improving your First Contact Resolution

The First Call Resolution rate is the percentage of customer service calls solved during the first contact with support team.

If customers have to call the support team again, it will yield another contact and extra effort for the customer and thecustomer support team. Customers extra efforts reduces customer support experience while increasing customer support cost.

The benefits

By improving your FCR-ratio you can reduce the number of incoming contacts thus reducing resources needed to handle ticket flow.

This could help you to reduce support cost by reducing expensive resources or using extra time and resources to improve the service levels. For example shortening the queue will improve quantifiable customer experience.

While there will be less tickets and happier customers it will also have positive impact on and agent experience yielding other direct and indirect benefits that are not focus of this calulation examples.

Advanced FCR Calculator

Number of customer service agents in your team
Target utilization rate of your customer service Agents
The total number of the tickets handled by your team in a month
The average handling time of single ticket
The average annual salary of your customer service Agent
Your current FCR (First Call Resolution) rate
The Impact of improving FCR %

Reduce your support cost and improve customer experience by improving your FCR with Surveypal Insights!

Kalle Reunanen

Kalle Reunanen - CEO - Surveypal

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