Security at Surveypal

Don’t worry – we got you covered. We have implemented a whole set of technical and organizational controls to ensure the safety of your data as well as GDPR compliance.

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Surveypal is

ISO 27001
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(GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

You are in control of your data

You are in control of your data

Our customer service analytics solution does not edit any of your master data – you have full control of it!

If you choose not to use our service, Surveypal will be disconnected from your Customer Service platform, and we’ll let your admin know that all your data will be removed from our systems.

GDPR compliance

Born in Europe, Surveypal has been GDPR compliant since the data protection law was first introduced. GDPR is the toughest privacy and security law in the world which means that adhering to it ensures compliance with most other major international privacy regulations.

We continuously work to identify and fill any potential privacy gaps. Read the articles below for more information:

GDPR compliance
ISO27001 cerfification - Surveypal

ISO27001 certification in progress

Most of our operations and technology are already ISO 27001 compliant. We are currently working with third-party auditors to go beyond the requirements of our solution in the following areas:

  • Possible attacks and security threat scenarios
  • Extension of the use of security technology

Surveypal is periodically scanned with state-of-the-art vulnerability scanners to detect and mitigate publicly known software vulnerabilities. We target to certify for ISO 27001 compliance by the end of Summer 2023.

“Surveypal invests heavily in continuous improvement of the security of its processes and technology solutions. This is a fundamental requirement for any modern SaaS service.”

Pasi Lindholm, CIO, Surveypal

Infrastructure & application security

Surveypal runs on Microsoft Azure & Security technology which uses multilayered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

Our service data is hosted in servers located in the EU.

Surveypal + Microsoft Azure

Internal security

All Surveypal employees have to go through a data security program. In general, many security issues are the result of human error. We acknowledge this and take preventive action.

We uphold this know-how during the company’s onboarding process and periodically organize security training.

Customer testimonials

5.0 / 5.0

“Working with Surveypal and the team has been amazing. They have a great product that works well and gets you the insight you need from your customers.”

5.0 / 5.0

“Surveypal has allowed us to elevate our customer experiences by analyzing and taking support to the next level.”

5.0 / 5.0

“Surveypal helps us to see how we’re doing with customers on a day-to-day basis.”

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