Tools for Customer Experience Teams

Transform the customer experience with contextual intelligence. Monitor and analyze data from all your customer feedback to anticipate their needs, spot trends, and identify CX issues and opportunities.

Shine in the boardroom

Transform customer feedback into growth opportunities

Enrich customer feedback with context to identify areas for improvement in your products and services:

  • Learn what’s working, and what’s not to inform your CX strategy
  • Share customer intelligence across the organization for maximum impact

Get the full context behind customer feedback

Move beyond simple keywords and word clouds to uncover deeper insights about your customers and learn the real issues behind negative (and positive) feedback.

“91% of CX leaders say being able to better measure CX would make it easier for their organization to achieve its growth objectives”

The Top CX Trends for 2022 and Beyond by Genesys

Enable strategic and tactical decision making

Access data-driven insights and take action to increase retention, boost revenue streams, and improve customer experience.

  • Detect operational and service issues that must be resolved to enhance the customer experience.
  • Evaluate the financial implications of customer challenges and plan strategies accordingly.

Break down information silos   

Automatically convert complex data into context-rich, actionable insights accessible across organizational departments to enhance collaboration and streamline the customer experience.  

  • Facilitate effective communication with key stakeholders and gain support for proposed initiatives.
  • Take proactive measures to establish accountability and ensure necessary actions are taken.

Inspire a customer-centric culture shift

Transform the culture in your organization to embrace CX, which is data-driven, holistic, and tied to business goals. 

  • Foster a shared understanding within your organization regarding customer experience.
  • Encourage alignment towards a customer-centric future for your organization.

“52% of customers would switch to a company’s competitor after one bad experience”

Zendesk CX Trends 2023

Transform feedback into growth opportunities

Elevate your customer experience with the power of contextually smart customer feedback. Get Surveypal and embark on a journey toward customer-centricity.