CX Maturity Matrix: Strategizing CX from current state to future goals

Our CX Maturity Matrix isn’t just a measure of customer experience—it’s a strategic blueprint for business growth. This framework helps you assess your current CX capabilities and guides you in making informed decisions about where to focus your efforts for maximum business impact.

Recognizing that your organization operates on two levels of maturity—the current state and the aspirational state as defined by your strategy—is key to leveraging the matrix effectively.

Surveypal’s CX Maturity stages


Characterized by infrequent, one-way customer feedback that is not integrated into decision-making, collected a few times a year through quantitative measures like NPS.


Feedback is department-specific and somewhat recognized in reports, with monthly/quarterly surveys allowing for one continuous channel of customer service input.


Involves multiple departments utilizing customer insights for specific functions, with greater than one touchpoint for ongoing feedback that includes qualitative data.


Engagement focuses on the full customer journey, predictive analytics, and seamless two-way integrations, with several continuous feedback mechanisms in place.


Future-oriented with CX deeply embedded in all processes and decisions, backed by multiple feedback loops and data-driven optimizations linking CX to key business metrics.

The business impact of each CX Maturity stage

Reactive: At this stage, your business may be experiencing stunted growth due to sporadic attention to customer feedback. By identifying as Reactive, you acknowledge the need for a more systematic approach to CX, which can be the first step towards improving customer retention and increasing market competitiveness.

Tactical: Operating at a Tactical level means you’re beginning to see the value of integrating customer feedback into daily operations. This stage can lead to improved departmental performance and customer satisfaction, laying the groundwork for enhanced reputation and brand loyalty.

Strategic: Being Strategic in CX maturity signifies a shift towards organization-wide involvement in customer experience. This integration can drive significant improvements in product and service offerings, directly influencing customer acquisition and enabling market expansion.

Foundational: A Foundational approach indicates your business is leveraging insights to inform the entire customer journey. This stage is often marked by increased efficiency, a reduction in churn, and the ability to innovate proactively based on customer data, potentially leading to a higher share of wallet.

Customer-centric: Achieving a Customer-centric level is synonymous with industry leadership. It’s about creating an enduring bond with customers that transcends transactions, resulting in sustainable growth, market differentiation, and increased lifetime value.

Strategic flexibility: moving through the matrix

The CX Maturity Matrix is dynamic—your position on it should align with your overarching business strategy. It’s a conscious decision whether to maintain, advance, or even streamline your CX focus. Shifting down to a Tactical approach might align with a strategy to consolidate resources or refocus business objectives, just as moving up reflects a commitment to expanding customer engagement.

It’s about choosing the right level for the right time in your business lifecycle.

Embracing your CX Maturity level

Understanding your current and target maturity levels is crucial. Whether you’re looking to refine your CX strategy or overhaul it, the CX Maturity Matrix is a great framework in aligning customer experience with business outcomes. Each stage offers unique benefits, and strategically navigating between them can lead to a more robust bottom line and a stronger market presence.

Your strategic partner in CX excellence

At Surveypal, we understand that your journey through CX Maturity is unique to your business strategy. As your strategic partner in CX excellence, we are committed to providing you with the insights, tools, and guidance needed at every stage of your journey. Whether you are solidifying your foundational practices or pushing the boundaries toward a customer-centric future, Surveypal is here to support and accelerate your progress.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered.

It’s a framework to check how good your company is at managing customer experiences and where you can improve.

It starts from just getting feedback sometimes (Reactive), to making feedback a regular part of some departments (Tactical), then using feedback across the company (Strategic), making big decisions based on feedback (Foundational), to making everything about the customer (Customer-centric).

Knowing your level helps you figure out how to make your customers happier, which can make your business more successful.

Yes, you can plan and change your strategies to move up or even scale back based on what’s best for your business at the time.

Surveypal offers tools and advice to understand and improve your customer experience at any stage of maturity.

Embark on your journey with confidence

Our expertise in customer experience strategy empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your business goals. With Surveypal’s suite of services, from analytics to customer feedback management, you can:

  • Navigate Complex CX Landscapes: We help you understand the intricacies of each maturity stage and its implications for your business.
  • Align CX with Business Impact: Our tools and insights enable you to connect customer experience initiatives directly to business outcomes.
  • Strategically Advance or Pivot: Surveypal supports your strategic decisions, whether to enhance your current CX level or to adapt your approach in line with changing business objectives.