Insights for customer service teams

Optimize customer service operations, empower your team to deliver exceptional support experiences, and achieve performance goals.

Let your Zendesk data show you how to drive efficiency and exceed customer expectations.

Stay on top of your service delivery goals

Combine structured metrics and KPIs with unstructured data from your support conversations to accurately monitor and measure day-to-day customer service operations:

  • Pinpoint performance hold-ups that negatively impact customer satisfaction
  • Explore trends and correlations among various KPIs
  • Continuously improve processes
  • Review and adapt customer service strategy based on timely data

Root cause analysis to spot bottlenecks

Uncover trends and react before issues escalate. Get concrete suggestions on how to take action. Instantly spot performance deviations with AI-driven insights and take corrective action.

Answer questions like these:

  • Why has my team NPS decreased in the e-mail channel over the past month?
  • Why has the average ticket handling time decreased in the email channel during the last week?
  • Why has the waiting time increased with Agent Smith during last month?
  • Why do tickets related to “credit card payment” show lower than-average CSAT ratings?

Leverage learnings to build a world-class support team

Compare how different teams perform across your support organization and learn from their success.

  • Break down essential KPIs to the team level
  • Identify training and development needs
  • Find knowledge gaps and fill them
  • Foster a supportive environment where teams learn from each other

Empowered knowledge sharing   

Automatically convert complex data into context-rich, actionable insights accessible across organizational departments to enhance collaboration and streamline the customer experience.

  • Facilitate effective communication with key stakeholders and gain support for proposed initiatives
  • Take proactive measures to establish accountability and ensure necessary actions are taken
  • Address cross-functional challenges and instill a company-wide mindset of putting the customer first

Turn the customer’s voice into action

Ensure a seamless end-to-end customer journey by helping marketing, product, and service development define the next step in the road toward continuous improvement:

  • Build better products
  • Enhance customer communications
  • Elevate support quality

Make your customer’s voice echo across your entire organization!

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