Customer service coaching – whitepapers

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Happy Manager Guide

Today’s customer service leader is swamped with data. Find out 10 insights on how to lead your customer service team in a more data-driven way. You can use this whitepaper to guide you on the following topics:

  • Learn how to tie customer service to monetary values
  • Use AI as your assistant 🤖
  • Cross-selling in Customer Service
Happy Manager Guide - Customer Service Insights

Happy Agent Guide

Do you know how your customer service employees are really doing? Happy Agent Guide will provide concrete steps in creating out-of-this-world customer service pulse surveys. With the help from this whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn to understand better your customer service agents
  • Be a master in boosting employee experience
  • Make a meaningful impact! 🎯
Happy Agent Guide - Customer Service Insights

Happy Customer Guide

Did you realize that feedback can be measured in 💰? Customer loyalty will drop by 20% for each specific problem customer faces 📉. As a result, for every five problems customers face, one purchase is lost. Happy Customer Guide is here to help you in:

  • Making feedback work for your customer support team
  • Creating impactful omnichannel feedback models
  • Establishing leadership through customer feedback
Happy Customer Guide - Customer Service Insights