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Free up hours per week by automating your data insights. Answer tough questions quickly, make better decisions and improve your service processes.

Customer Service Insights - Customer Service Data Analyst

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Lead your customer service
with insights

Combined view to help decision-making:

Customer Service Insights - Performance metrix


React quickly to changes in your performance KPIs and keep service costs down.

Customer Service Insights - Quality metrix


Discover root causes behind service contacts and deflect future tickets to deliver exceptional service.

Customer Service Insights - Value metrix


Show the ROI of your customer experience
and show why your team makes the biggest CX impact.

Surveypal Insights
is designed together with

Insights help you know exactly what areas to improve about your service. Understand the real reasons behind your customer satisfaction, team performance, and costs.

Ready to enjoy coming to work and feel empowered? Insights enable you to have more effective and more individualized 1:1 coaching and training.

“Finally the quality and efficiency metrics are united under one umbrella. Lead with real insights that drive business growth and team engagement.”

Customer Service Insights - Save time and money

Save time and costs with actionable Insights

AI-generated insights platform for customer service leaders. Eliminate random ticket reviews and focus where it matters. Discover opportunities to improve your people, service processes, and products.

This is what you get…

  • Actionable insights as they happen for all your KPIs
  • Root cause analysis in 10 seconds
  • See the monetary value for your actions
  • Team & agent level insights for training
  • Agent attrition insights

Transform your customer service from a cost center to a profit center!

Customer Service Insights - Customer Service Metrics for Customer Service Leaders
Integrations - Customer Service Insights

Easy connection to your customer service platform

Worried about a colossal IT project?

Worry no more. Just share your platform token and we are ready to start! Read more on how to get your insights up and running!

Surveypal provides us a better way to tailor the feedback we’re sharing internally. We get much more accurate data about our agent performance to improve the customer experience.
Mike Martello
Zendesk System Administrator

How insightful are
your CS metrics?

Join the CS forerunners now by starting your journey toward AI-powered, insights-led customer support!

Jussi Toivonen - Head of Global Sales and Channel - Surveypal