Text analysis for all your customer interactions

Extract meaningful insights from your support conversations and customer feedback to better understand your customers and improve their experience.

Contextualize your qualitative support data

Go beyond word clouds and keywords. Capture insights by automatically analyzing the language and content of your support conversations in combination with key customer data points and other relevant data – such as open-ended feedback.

  • Contextual text analysis
  • Topic analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Open-ended feedback data visualization
  • Qualitative insights instantly delivered in an easily understood format
Most popular topics - Text analysis
Text analysis - high volume customer conversations

Manage high volumes of customer conversations at scale

Read between the lines and save hours of manual work.

  • Pin down customer preferences and pain points to improve your product or service offerings  
  • Identify popular or emerging feedback trends
  • Discover customer service opportunities and risks
  • Categorize conversations by topic or sentiment
  • Provide more personalized and relevant responses

Multilingual text analysis for multilingual support teams

Group together data from all the languages your service desk supports to track customer sentiment.

  • 50+ languages supported
  • Make every customer’s voice heard
  • Skip the need for manual translations
Multilingual text analysis
Link open-ended feedback to agents

Uncover the reasons behind positive and negative feedback

Identify opportunities for improvement based on the reasons for feedback.

  • Pinpoint the source of negative feedback
  • Discover your team’s ability in service recovery
  • Identify opportunities to act on positive feedback

Customer testimonials

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“Working with Surveypal and the team has been amazing. They have a great product that works well and gets you the insight you need from your customers.”

5.0 / 5.0

“Surveypal has allowed us to elevate our customer experiences by analyzing and taking support to the next level.”

5.0 / 5.0

“Surveypal helps us to see how we’re doing with customers on a day-to-day basis.”

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Transform feedback into growth opportunities

Elevate your customer experience with the power of contextually smart customer feedback. Get Surveypal and embark on a journey toward customer-centricity.