Why Surveypal?

There is power in knowing how your support team performs at any given moment – Surveypal allows you to harness it.

This is a story of how we grew from a pioneer in feedback management into being the future of customer intelligence by providing AI-powered support center insights.

Why Surveypal?

Our journey

For 16 years, we have been helping market leaders make their customers voice heard. During those years, we’ve helped our clients to gather millions of customer experience survey answers.

Now, we have combined that experience with the latest AI technology and sprinkled on top of it our customers’ input on what they need from a customer intelligence solution. 



Surveypal was launched

Surveypal was launched in 2007 as a feedback management solution enabling organizations to collect, measure, and analyze customer feedback.

That’s why we are called Surveypal.

The need for customer service insights rises

We noticed a shift in conversations with our customers: market leaders looking to lead and scale customer care needed more than a survey tool and dashboard reporting to drive performance and quality in their contact centers.

So, we listened and started conceptualizing and developing what eventually became our insights offering.



The Future of Customer Intelligence – Surveypal Insights

Surveypal is now offering a customer intelligence solution built with and for customer service and -experience leaders who need instant customer service insights to act proactively and continuously deliver great customer experiences.

“Contact centers measure experience but rarely use the CX-data to lead efficiently. We are changing that forever.

Kalle Reunanen

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