As digital technologies transform the world we live in, personal interactions with customers are becoming increasingly rare. This makes it all the more critical to capture and understand every customer voice. But when faced with a mountain of unstructured data, how can companies ensure they’re not missing out on valuable insights that could drive business growth and customer satisfaction?

This is where Surveypal comes into play.

For the past 17+ years, Surveypal has been evolving beyond a feedback management pioneer towards the forefront of customer intelligence. But how exactly do we make that happen?

We combine unstructured data from customer service tickets with structured performance metrics to paint a complete, accurate picture of what’s really going on in customer facing departments. When something meaningful happens, we make sure companies don’t just know about it, they understand the why behind it.

This is the next step in the road towards customer intelligence and a powerful way to make data, insights and most importantly voices, come alive and be heard beyond departmental silos.

However, we believe that understanding is just the beginning – the real power lies in action. Thus, Surveypal helps customer service and experience team leaders turn their high-volume contact center data into insights, and insights into data-driven decisions. As one of our customers recently shared, “With Surveypal, we get great insights at a glance and can dig deeper than ever before.”

But why is this important? And why now?

We’re living in an era where survey response rates are declining. Yet, support tickets are filled with valuable real-time and historical information about customer concerns and pain points. Traditional methods of capturing the Voice of the Customer (VoC) have proven tedious due to the sheer volume of unstructured data, resulting in searching through generic tags and and ticket fields to find meaning.

Typically, these tags and contact reasons are then translated into word clouds or exported to spreadsheets for a time-consuming data massage session to get some form of idea of the magnitude of issues. This approach, however, fails to deliver real value reducing many VoC programs from a “must-have” to a “nice-to-have”.

That’s what makes Surveypal different. We believe there is value in every single customer voice – surveyed or not. We’re not just about delivering satisfaction scores or core metrics. We enable companies to understand both the surveyed and the silent customers, using these insights to drive meaningful change. At scale.

The rise of AI from a niche technology available to the few and canny, towards becoming accessible to nearly anyone, has provided companies with an opportunity to make sense of their customer data in ways never before possible. Harnessing this computational power, Surveypal can help companies turn structured and unstructured data into actually actionable insights, ensuring no customer voice goes unheard and no opportunity for improvement overlooked.

Why Surveypal then?

At Surveypal, we stand on three pillars – inspiring collaboration, encouraging valuable feedback, and fostering a growth mindset.

Translated into our promise to our customers

  • We aim to break down organizational silos and combine performance and quality data to help departments collaborate towards better customer experiences.
  • We provide valuable insights on the data, may it be structured or unstructured.
  • We are your partner of success to help create value for your customers.

As a leader, you need tools that allow you to validate your gut feeling and enable you to share valuable information across the organization.

Skip the vague “We have constant request from customers complaining about feature X”. And confidently go to something more concrete; “We spent 56 hours last month assisting through the account verification that should be automatic. This single complaint came up 124 times and costed us roughly 2765€ plus results in poor customer experience that costs us additional churn”

See the difference when going from vagueness for concrete values? The second one makes you heard across departments.

Ready to listen better?

Discover the power of listening better, understanding deeper and acting decisively with Surveypal. Together, we can amplify your insights and take action to ensure a future where every customer voice is recognized, understood, and valued.

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