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If you have landed on this page, I’m guessing you’re in need of some comic relief – after all customer care is challenging and we all deserve to take a break and have a laugh every once in a while. With that in mind, I scoured the worldwide web to find the funniest customer service memes and what I found didn’t quite make me LOL. So, I created some myself and here they are for the internet to behold.

Feel free to share those customer service memes with your customer service friends or, alternatively, slide into my LinkedIn DMs to explain to me in detail why I’m not as funny as I think I am.

10 Funniest Customer Service Memes (According to Yours Truly)

1. Knowledge is Power

You have to take care of your support reps if you want them to take care of your customers ❤️. Sometimes, all it takes is proper training and coaching.

customer service rep memes

2. This guy

Saying you’re customer centric is one thing. Being customer-centric is a whole different story which requires a Voice of Customer strategy.

customer experience memes

3. Not Technically a Customer Service Meme…

Still funny tho 😆.

customer service jokes

4. When your Customer Care Ticket Backlog Does You Wrong

Sometimes customers reach out on multiple support channels in hopes of getting a faster response. This might be why your backlog is increasing. Or, it might just be that you have to create a knowledge base, invest in self-service, or design processes to offer proactive support to get your ticket volumes to decrease.

customer care memes

5. What Does it Take to Elevate Customer Service?

One thing’s for sure. It takes much more than meeting your Service Level Agreements 😬.

customer service meme

6. The Million Dollar Question

This is actually the best case scenario. The worst case scenario would be that CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is decreasing and you have no idea why 🧐.

customer service meme

7. Are Customer Feedback Surveys Dead?

At the dawn of the era of AI-powered customer service analytics, customer feedback surveys are taking the back seat. Do you agree?

customer support memes

8. How Many Times is Too Many?

In an ideal world, customer service requests should be resolved at first contact and when they are not, it’s everybody’s loss 🙁

customer service memes

9. What He Said

Listen to Morpheus. Morpheus is cool.

customer feedback meme

10. Customer Service as it’s Meant to Be, Am I Right?

What if everyone had this reaction after contacting support? What would that world look like?

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