I joined Surveypal as a Sales Manager in October 2022, and it has proven to be a highly rewarding experience. Right from the start, I was impressed by the company’s straightforward approach to recruitment, which resonated with my own values. I particularly appreciated the transparency and openness surrounding the role, making me feel confident in my decision to join.

During the onboarding process I was warmly welcomed by a friendly and supportive team. Their willingness to lend a helping hand made the transition into the organization smooth, allowing me to feel valued and motivated from day one.

Something that truly stands out at Surveypal is the emphasis on collaboration. The team’s open communication fosters an environment of trust and camaraderie. I am grateful for the level of trust and autonomy given to me, enabling me to take ownership of my work and contribute my ideas to the company’s growth.

As a team, we celebrate victories together and tackle challenges as a united front, learning from mistakes and setbacks along the way.

While my journey at Surveypal has been predominantly positive, like in any other workplace, we every now and then encounter challenges. However, the support and encouragement I have received from my colleagues have helped me face obstacles head-on, leading to personal and professional growth.

My experience as a Sales Manager at Surveypal is a fulfilling journey of growth, team spirit, and overcoming challenges. I am excited to continue on this journey and look forward to what the future holds for both myself and the company.

Outside of work, I find solace and inspiration in various hobbies. Hiking allows me to connect with nature, art exhibitions ignite my creativity and appreciation for human expression, and yoga keeps me centered and mindful. Moreover, my passion for traveling has led me to explore 25 countries, embracing diverse cultures and broadening my perspective on life.

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