Start truly listening to your customers.

Tap into direct and indirect customer feedback with Surveypal and get your customers’ voices heard and understood by everyone on your team.

Implement a process for continuous listening

Surveypal empowers you to answer critical business questions by capturing the voice of the customer in various ways: through surveys, feedback scores, reviews, and conversations.

Uncover hidden gems of indirect customer feedback

Surveypal CXM empowers you to listen to your customers, even when they are silent. Our AI-powered technology reveals what your customers are thinking by analyzing every interaction.

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See real-time trends

Know exactly what topics your customers are talking mostly about at any given time and easily spot trends and deviations.

Tune in to your customers

Learn which areas can generate the highest impact on your customers to create great experiences and drive loyalty.

Capture every insight

Get a broader understanding of your customers by leveraging insights from direct and indirect feedback ensuring no insight gets overlooked.

Apply text analysis to all your customer conversations

Understand the issues that matter most to your customers.

Capture insights by automatically analyzing the language, content, and sentiment of your customer conversations.

Identify themes, and sub-topics and analyze key customer metrics and data points to identify priority areas.

Client testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our happy customers say about how Surveypal has transformed their Customer Experience Management.

“With Surveypal, we get great insights at a glance and can dig deeper than ever before. Their team always goes that extra mile to help us become better.

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Take your CXM to the next level


Enrich your customer feedback data.

Close the loop

Take decisive action equipped with data.


Build a culture of continuous learning.

Start acting proactively on customer feedback.

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