Boosting support efficiency saved consumer tech company 40 000€ monthly

A well-known consumer tech company had been outsourcing its first-line support for years. In the fall of 2022, they changed their outsourcing partner to save costs and improve efficiency with a multichannel approach.

monthly savings

decrease in FRT

6 minutes
decrease in AHT

increase in FCR

10 point
increase in CSAT

The challenge

From the get-go, the team found themselves on shaky ground. Despite receiving proper training, they couldn’t quite meet the service goals set in the initial months. To make matters worse, the number of customer inquiries kept growing, adding even more stress to the team.

Feeling the pressure, the team manager knew they had to dive deep into the performance of their support service. They needed to pinpoint the problem areas that were eating up too much time on customer interactions. The ultimate goal was to boost their team’s efficiency and make their customers happier.

They turned to Surveypal Insights to better understand their Zendesk support data.


After using Surveypal Insights, the team pinpointed the situations where agents were taking too long and customer satisfaction was falling short. They started to know exactly where to focus their efforts. By addressing these bottlenecks and providing targeted training where necessary, the team was able to accomplish impressive results within the coming months.

  • The average first reply time decreased by 17%, leading to faster customer resolution times.
  • Despite a 13% increase in contact volume, employee costs remained at the same level due to improved efficiency.
  • The average handle time decreased by 6 minutes, leading to a lower cost to serve.
  • The team increased their first contact resolution rate by nearly 5%, resulting in fewer repeat contacts and a more positive customer experience.
  • As a result of the improvements, the company’s customer satisfaction score increased by 10 points, boosting customer loyalty.


The company achieved significant monthly cost savings and improved customer loyalty as a result of the training:

32 000 €

Saved by reducing the cost to serve

Reduction in cost to serve from 60€ to 44€ per ticket, based on 2,000 tickets per month, resulting in a savings of 32,000€ per month.

4312 €

Saved by reducing repeat contacts

Improved FCR rate by 5%, resulting in expected reduction on repeat contacts of 4,312€ per month.

3000 €

Saved in salaries

Despite a 13% increase in contact volume, improved efficiency meant the company can handle the volume with the agents in place.

Total savings of 39 312 € per month

By discovering the right coaching moments and investing in proper training, the company was able to improve its support efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty. These improvements have had a significant positive impact on the company’s bottom line and its reputation with customers.

Kalle Reunanen

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