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Surveys are a valuable tool that generates actionable insights for any business. That is if utilized correctly. It doesn’t take a guru to create an effective survey. All it takes is some attention to detail and a checklist to follow. Here are five tips to help you build successful online surveys:


Make sure you keep your survey short. Generally, the longer the survey, the lower the response rate. Survey respondents are more likely to complete a survey if it doesn’t take up much of their time. Another tip is to use simple and accurate language. A simple survey will boost response rates.


The truth of the matter is that there are way too many surveys out there. Respondents should be enticed to reply to yours. Ensure that your survey has an attractive layout. Personalize the survey per your brand and audience. For example, use your logo, background image, or customize the font. In other words, build a survey that catches the eye of the respondent.

Question formats/types of online surveys

When constructing a survey, make sure to include the right question formats. Question formats are important because they shape the type of the answer you will receive. Single choice questions, multiple choice questions, rating scales are a few of the options. Ultimately, it is within your power to decide the appropriate question format. Ensure, however, that the format does justice to the question(s) you are asking and allows for a direct and fast response.

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Target audience

A survey will prove to be useless unless it reaches the right audience. Select your target audience carefully, based on the type of survey you want to be answered. It is wise to have access to your target audience before the survey is released. Alternatively, utilize cost-effective methods such as panel companies to reach smaller or larger target groups.


Timing is crucial when it comes to surveys. The best time to send a survey depends on factors such as the audience type, the length of the survey, or, even, technical requirements. Research has yet to sufficiently determine the best time to send a survey. Ideally, schedule the release of the survey based on your knowledge of the online habits of your audience. If all else fails, trust your instincts and make logical choices! Based on the same logic, schedule a timetable for survey reminders.

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