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Customer service team leaders

Empower & retain agents with AI-driven insights. Save time by understanding the root causes of increasing and decreasing trends. Maintain top-performing agents with precision training & Coaching.

Customer Service Insights for Customer Service Team Leaders

Match your agents with the right customer issues

Take coaching to the next level. Discover which agents have the skills and know-how, and then optimize your contact routing.

Increase service availability and resolution rate, and avoid unnecessary contact handovers.

Customer Service Insights - Agent satisfaction

“Employees who feel trusted and empowered and who feel they can take risks in their role are 1.5x more likely to consider themselves, personally, as top CX supporters.”

Zeno DXI/Salesforce – The Experience Advantage

Root cause analysis to spot bottlenecks

Uncover trends and react to changes quickly before they escalate. Get concrete suggestions on how to take action. Spot instantly low and high-performing agents with  AI-driven insights and encourage them accordingly. Answer questions like these:

  • Why has my team NPS decreased in the e-mail channel over the past month?
  • Why has average handling time decreased during last week with agent Smith?
  • Why has the waiting time increased with Agent Smith during last month?

Quick root cause analysis with one press of a button!

Root cause analysis - Customer Service Insights
Agent attrition - Agent NPS - Customer Service Insights

Keep your teams engaged in increasingly demanding customer service

Did you know hiring a new agent can cost you 12 000 €?

New talents take time to peak in performance and therefore your customers can pay the price.

Recognize agents at risk of attrition quickly through data before they leave and take appropriate actions.

Turn customer voice into improvements

Help product, marketing, and service development create the next generation of improvements. By building better products and relevant communication you are guaranteed to drive revenue and customer experience.

Make your customer’s voice heard across the company!

Customer feedback utilization - Customer Service Insights

“71% of leaders report that their agents are essential to driving sales.”

Zendesk CX Trends 2022

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