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Customer service directors

Lead your strategic objectives in customer service and optimize your operations with Surveypal Insights. Increase your customer loyalty, employee retention, and stand out in the competition. 

Customer Service Insights for Customer Service Directors

Shine in the boardroom

Prove the real value of your customer service and lead with insights.

Bring more to the table with Surveypal Insights and make the voice of the customer heard on the executive board.

“72% of business leaders say that their organization views customer service as a critical business priority, but a surprising 40% report that it’s still not owned by the C-suite.”
– Zendesk CX trends 2022

“91% of CX leaders say being able to better measure CX would make it easier for their organization to achieve its growth objectives”

The Top CX Trends for 2022 and beyond by Genesys

Stay on top of your service delivery

Never miss out on what is going on in your customer service department.

Get a full grasp of the current situation of customer service with just one glance. Make necessary decisions and meet your objectives!

Customer Service Team Insights
Root cause analysis - Customer Service Insights

Valuable insights for directors

Root cause analysis in 10 seconds

View the reasons behind the performance, quality, and value changes and get concrete suggestions on how to take action. It could not be easier than this!

Answer questions like:

  • What are the reasons for dissatisfied customers and recurring problems?
  • Why has the NPS decreased in the e-mail channel over the past week?
  • Why has average handling time decreased during the last week?

Quick root cause analysis with one press of a button!

Add monetary value to your actions

Identify and improve the service procedures that are costing your company the most.

Every single customer issue decreases customer loyalty by 20%. Five same issues and you might be losing a customer. What does that mean for revenue at risk?

No need to calculate it yourself – Surveypal Insights will show it to you in an instant!

Revenue at risk - Monetary value
Quality and Performance - Customer Service Insights

Discover the sweet spot

Find out the right balance between customer service performance and quality. Make decisions on the performance side and KNOW how it affects the customer service quality.

“66% of customers give AI a thumbs up for making their lives easier, while similar margins applaud it for saving them time, effort, and improving their overall experience. “

Zendesk CX trends 2022

Team performance - Customer Service Insights

Leverage learnings from the best performing teams

Compare team performances easily with metrics that matter.

Improve team performance by insights and breaking down essential values to the team level. 

“70% of consumers worldwide believe a company is only as good as its customer service”

The connected customer experience by Genesys

Try with your data!

Discover trends, anomalies, and issues in your existing customer service data. Start your unlimited trial!

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