Survey app integration for Zendesk Chat

Keep tabs on the quality of your customer support chats with Surveypal for Zendesk Chat

How does it work?

Keep your customer feedback survey in the same window where the chat occurred, capture the attention of your respondents, sit back and let the data roll-in.

Watch this short video to see the integration in action

NPS, CSAT, and Customer Effort Score

Track the metrics that matter the most and automatically access the resulting data either in your Zendesk ticket fields or Zendesk Explore.

Customize your survey questions and showcase your brand

Better engage your respondents with customized survey questions and branded survey design.

Identify what’s holding back your customer service performance

Drive team efficiency, coach agents individually, and pinpoint the root cause of repeat issues and service bottlenecks.

Want to learn more?

“DeNA – leading mobile gaming platforms in the world – wants to lead customer experience. We know that customer service is an important moment to build trust with customers. Surveypal has given us an ability to leverage feedback to drive better service quality and customer relationships.”

Our Zendesk Chat survey integration works also with Zendesk Support

Track and measure your customer service quality at any Zendesk Plan and for the same price!