More than just a customer satisfaction survey app for Zendesk

Transform your experience measurement into customer service leadership

Empower your support team to improve service quality & deliver a superior customer experience by capturing and analyzing feedback.

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Survey app integration with Zendesk Chat

Embed your customer satisfaction surveys in your chat window and engage your customers immediately after the service interaction is complete.

A Zendesk feedback solution customized to your needs

Give your CS manager the insights to make smarter decisions, enable your agents to perform better, and provide your customers with the support experience they deserve.

Some of our happy customers

“Surveypal provides us a better way to tailor the feedback we’re sharing internally. We get much more accurate data about our agent performance to improve customer experience.”

Mike Martello
Zendesk system administrator at Venmo

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Find out how Surveypal for Zendesk can transform
your customer service operations.

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can do with Surveypal

Custom dashboards

Visualize your data and access key customer service metrics and KPIs in Zendesk Explore

Analyze your data wherever you want

Enable your data to seamlessly flow between the systems you already use – Surveypal, Zendesk, Power BI, Tableau, Slack, or any other tool

Share data reports with stakeholders

Make customer feedback data widely accessible to other departments in your organization and inject the voice of the customer into every aspect of your business

Measure what you care for

Use the same survey to measure the metrics of your choice. From NPS, CSAT, CES, and FCR to strategic questions – find out what your customers really think of your service.

Cross-channels survey deployment

Deploy feedback surveys in a variety of support channels such as email, SMS, live chat, or even in your support pages and tailor the content of the survey to reflect the channel your customers chose to interact with your customer care

Branded customized surveys

Let your brand shine through your surveys – personalize the style by adding logos, custom fonts, colors, and images

Create Zendesk tickets based on feedback

Don’t leave negative feedback lingering- automatically create tickets in Zendesk when you receive low feedback scores or ratings

Embed survey questions in the email body

Engage your customers from the get-go and increase response rates by embedding the first question of your survey in the bottom of every email

Safe and secure

Focus on what matters and we’ll make sure your survey data adheres to privacy regulations and is GDPR compliant.

Looking for an added layer of security? – Log into Surveypal via SSO.

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