Gain a competitive edge by understanding your data in new ways

Perspectives allow you to cast light on hidden insights by examining customer service data in various ways.

Know precisely what you should be looking deeper into

Data can be overwhelming. Especially when you combine unstructured data from your customer interactions with performance metrics and KPIs. Forget about complicated dashboards, and having to combine data from various reports.

With Surveypal, you can look at dimensions from any angle. Quickly compare which contact reason types cost the most, which channels perform the best, or which team has the best quality scores.

You can see the current state and the change from various timeframes: week or month. It could not be easier than this!

Break down the actual problem areas to gain a better understanding

Customer Service metrics can be relatively static on the surface. Look at your metrics from various perspectives and find clues to where you can improve. Break down KPIs by

  • Channel
  • Contact reason
  • Team
  • Agent

Quick tip! You can also see the perspectives in your agent view. Learn more about the agent view.

Top contact reasons - Net Promoter Score
Perspective - NPS, CSS, FRT

Your data tells stories.
Are you listening?

Struggling with a static CSAT? CS metrics might appear static on the surface, but digging deeper can result in interesting findings. But going deeper doesn’t mean going difficult – for example, you might have been wondering about these topics:

  • How do different channels affect your CSAT?
  • How might a specific contact reason decrease your performance?

With our app, you’ll get answers to these questions with a few clicks only! By looking at the data correctly, you can tell exactly where to focus your resources and what parts of the operations need more attention.

A customer story from real life


Company XYZ Inc noted that their CSAT had been rather static for the past 5 months, and no real progress was made in providing better service quality. At the same time, they were seeing an increasing amount of contact requests that put even more pressure on the agents.


Even though the CSAT was static on the whole company, there had been major changes on the team and agent level. Where Team North had improved their quality scores with correctly implemented process training, Team South was missing the mark.

More specifically, Agents Matt and Tommy in Team South were “too effective” and focused on automated responses rather than actually helping the customer. This led to customers having to contact the company several times, resulting in rising contact volume and lower CSAT scores.


Recognizing the challenge, the managers decided to focus development efforts on improving the automated responses and 1-1 coaching. This aimed to implement the best practices and routines identified by the top-performing agents in order to show empathy towards the customer in a busy environment.

Immediately after the changes, the quality scores started to level between the teams resulting in a higher company CSAT, and the number of contact requests began to decline as customers got their problems solved with a single contact only. All this in less than one month!

Actionable insights when something meaningful happens

Our AI is constantly looking for valuable insights from your data. When costs are going up, or NPS is going down – you will be notified. The agent got consecutive good feedback scores – it’s time to give them some good feedback.

Stop guessing and take action based on data-driven insights. Read more about customer service KPIs here.

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5.0 / 5.0

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