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Zendesk Surveys – Powered by Surveypal

Automate the process of collecting and tracking customer feedback in Zendesk and proactively manage the customer experience.  

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Make informed decisions and build long-lasting relationships

Listen to the customer and deliver experiences that scale your business. Our integration enables you to synchronize data in real-time between Surveypal and Zendesk and gain valuable insights to transform your business.

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Expand your Zendesk surveying capabilities

Take Zendesk satisfaction ratings one step further and include the questions of your choice in your surveys. Measure VoC metrics such as Customer Satisfaction,  Net Promoter Score, CES, or FCR to figure out where you stand with your customers and what you can do better.

A Zendesk customer effort score survey

Personalize the survey experience

Tap into your Zendesk records, personalize your surveys to include customer name, agent name, and more to increase response volume.

Zendesk integration with Surveypal, customized CSAT survey

Strengthen your brand reputation  

Surveypal enables you to customize the look and feel of your Zendesk CSAT surveys by adding background images, brand colors, customfonts, your logo, etc.  

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Deliver exceptional customer service

Give your customer care agents the means to perform better by accessing real-time data and track customer feedback by ticket, facility, time of day, and more. 

Zendesk integration with Surveypal

Visualize critical information

Get an overview of all customer feedback data either in Zendesk or in Surveypal. Create dashboards in Zendesk using your survey results presented in easily accessible and understood formats.  

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Learn how easy it is to enhance customer support experience by collecting and managing feedback straight from Zendesk.

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Fast and simple. Set up is easy and does not require IT skills.

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Case study

Check out how DealDash uses Surveypal for Zendesk to track customer agent performance and monitor customer satisfaction survey data.  

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Surveypal helps companies implement survey solutions and close the customer feedback loop in Zendesk. Get started today.