Azure Active Directory

Enable SSO for your Surveypal team with a Microsoft Azure AD integration

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Hey there Microsoft 365 user. Your subscription includes a free subscription to Azure Active Directory which you can use to create and manage user and group accounts. Make the most of your Azure AD subscription by integrating it with Surveypal to sync passwords and set up single sign-on.

Login on Surveypal with Single Sign-On

No need to maintain a separate Surveypal username and password. Automatically sign-in to Surveypal with your organization’s corporate account hosted in Azure AD.

Centralize access management

Ensure your licenses are used effectively and to their full potential by managing all your Surveypal user rights in Azure Active Directory.

Implement access control

Control who can access your Surveypal organization and make sure your data is safe and secure.

Connect Surveypal and Azure AD today

All you need to configure the integration is an SSO enabled Surveypal subscription. We’ll take care of the rest.