Analyze and act on feedback – Bring customer insights to the right people, in real-time

Empower your customer service manager to make better decisions

Compare how different service channels, teams, agents, and brands perform.

Analyze data on any platform and don’t waste time switching between systems.

Identify whether negative experiences are the result of bad customer service or bad products.

Want to know how to boost customer service leadership with feedback? Check out this article:

Boost front-line agent performance and engagement

Enable real-time performance visibility with agent-specific dashboards.

Increase motivation and celebrate performance milestones with gamification.

Reward, recognize, and praise agents based on their individual scores in chosen metrics.

Give your end customers the service they deserve

Get automatic notifications when you receive negative feedback and win back your unhappy customers.

Create an army of brand ambassadors using the Promoter Booster.


Connect your customer experience with business growth.

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