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Improve your customer service employer experience with feedback

Listen to your agents’ voice and turn feedback into actions.
Happy agents = Happy customers!

Do you know how your customer service employees are coping?

Why is this? What can be done about it? What are the effects of the changes? 

A good pulse survey gives you a more accurate picture of the current situation and helps you find the root causes that help you to correctly target resources for making improvements. 

The main goal of the pulse survey is to improve the well-being and productivity of employees by gaining a better understanding of how customer service representatives feel and to enable employees to participate more closely in developing the work community. 

This is why it matters: satisfied agents are the source of your success! 

Does this sound interesting? 

Find out how Surveypal Agent Pulse can help to improve your customer service employer experience and operations. 

Surveys made around your goals, with great response experience  

Surveypal Agent Pulse surveys are built around your strategy and drivers of well-being at work in customer service organizations. Those key drivers of well-being at work in a customer service organization are

  • Team Management
  • Training
  • Meaningful tasks
  • Clarity of goals
  • Recogniction for performance
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Compensation

Would you like to measure Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Predefined icons, open feedback and strategic questions?

Mobile surveys

Make your agents’ voice heard and plan actions 

To understand and strengthen your customer service team engagement and satisfaction, you need clear and actionable insights. Turn real-time data about your employer net promoter score (eNPS), motivation drivers, and open feedback to actions. 

Ensure that staff pulse survey data does not become isolated as its own silo. 

Comparing performance data, customer experience data, and employer experience data makes it possible to see the full picture. 

Automate your feedback process with your customer service solution 

Use your time to plan actions not running your feedback process. With Surveypal you can automate employer experience surveys sending and reporting. Surveypal integrates with customer service solutions like ZendeskGenesysPuzzel, and Freshworks

Download our Happy Agent Guide

In our whitepaper “Happy Agent Guide – How to create out-of-this-world agent pulse surveys”, we have summarized our lessons on how a good agent pulse survey ensures the success of a customer service organization.