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Get the complete picture of your Zendesk data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your CS strategy quickly.

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Understand which KPIs impact your customers the most to create great customer experiences and drive loyalty.

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Discover inefficiencies in your processes and implement changes to reduce response times, lower costs, and increase overall efficiency.

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Dive deep into your customer service performance.

Analyze various perspectives such as channels, teams, contact reasons, and agents to understand where you are underperforming and improve your overall performance.

Make informed decisions that move the needle, enhancing your customer service operations, and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Discover CS data from multiple perspectives

Topic analysis on all your conversations

Topic analysis - Discover

Understand the issues that matter most to your customers.

Perform in-depth topical analysis on your customer conversations, identifying the key themes and issues that shape your customer experiences.

Understand the needs and concerns of your customers to tailor your customer service approach, increasing customer satisfaction and building meaningful connections.

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