Uncover hidden insights from your customer service data

Save time & costs with an AI-generated insights platform for customer service leaders. Discover opportunities to improve business performance.

Customer Service Insights for customer service leaders

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Benefits for
customer service leaders

Customer Service Insights benefits - Discover insights mobile

Discover insights –
wherever & whenever

Go beyond static dashboards. Instantly view insights about your customer service and create root-cause analysis with a press of a button. Compare FCR, NPS, and Contact value with time filters.

Customer Service Insights benefits - Train agents and teams

Train agents and teams with precision

Break down customer service KPIs to team & agent levels and see increasing & decreasing trends.
Prevent agent attrition and improve service quality.

Customer Service Insights benefits - Show the worth of your customer service

Showcase the worth of your customer service

Don’t spend time analyzing data on different reports and various dashboards. All the required insights are at your fingertips to make decisions that affect revenue and cost savings.

Transform from reactive to proactive leadership

Learn the WHY behind your customer service performance & quality and take immediate action before it’s too late.

With proactive & AI-driven technology you can lead your customer service with noticeable insights. Exceed your performance targets by focusing help where needed and prevent agent attrition by improving the quality of training and work.

“40% of company leaders say they only view customer service metrics once a month, or even less frequently.“
Zendesk CX trends 2022 report

Customer Service Performance, Quality, and Value metrics

Return on investment for
a team of 100 agents

Cost savings annually with a 15% improvement to the first contact resolution rate.

Cost-saving for preventing single-agent leaving the company and recruiting a new one.

Quality increases in under one year.

Root cause analysis - Customer Service Insights

Root cause analysis in 10 seconds

View the reasons behind the KPI changes and get concrete suggestions on how to take action. It could not be easier than this!

Answer questions like:

  • Why has the NPS decreased in the e-mail channel over the past week?
  • Why has average handling time decreased during last week?
  • Why has the waiting time increased during last month?

Quick root cause analysis with one press of a button!

The pocket-sized data analyst for customer service organizations

Our solution is awake 24/7 and ready to inform you about noticeable insights like increased FCR, trending topics in feedback or social media, consecutive promoters for certain agents, and many more.

“The impact on loyalty behaviors is massive when customers experience a value-enhancing service experience:

  • 82% probability of being retained
  • 86% probability of spending more money
  • 97% probability of sharing the positive word of mouth

Zendesk CX trends 2022 report

Customer Service Data Analyst
Integrations - Customer Service Insights

Easy connection to your technology

No need for a lengthy IT project or complicated integrations. With a robust connection, you can get your AI-driven insights running in no time.

Why wait any longer? Be in contact with our experts to learn more.

Surveypal provides us a better way to tailor the feedback we’re sharing internally. We get much more accurate data about our agent performance to improve the customer experience.
Mike Martello
Zendesk System Administrator

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