Category: Customer stories

See how other customer service teams use Surveypal to gather and analyze critical customer feedback.

How LocalTapiola is standing out with its customer experience

LocalTapiola, one of the biggest insurance companies in Finland, is committed to offering a comprehensive and proactive service by focusing…

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Canada hosted surveys

How CivicInfo, BC is safeguarding data privacy with Canadian-hosted surveys

CivicInfo BC is a government information hub in British Columbia, Canada. The incorporated, not-for-profit society functions as a data aggregator…

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Parcel delivery experience

How Pakettipiste is reshaping the parcel locker delivery experience

In October 2018, Pakettipiste launched its parcel locker network by setting up their first locker station in Helsinki, Finland. By the end of 2019, the…

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Net Promoter Score

How Certego improves the customer experience at every touchpoint

Certego – the leading provider of physical security services in Finland handles on average 70000 service requests annually. Additionally, several…

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real-time customer feedback

How Lojer Group boosts performance with real-time feedback

Lojer Group, the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in the Nordics, wanted to build a customer feedback process that would…

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