Parcel delivery experience

In October 2018, Pakettipiste launched its parcel locker network by setting up its first locker station in Helsinki, Finland. By the end of 2019, the parcel logistics service had already delivered its one-millionth parcel. In 2020, Pakettipiste is looking to double the number of their parcel lockers and provide an even better delivery and return experience.

Measure, manage, repeat 

The rate at which e-commerce is growing has opened new avenues in terms of purchasing behaviours and last-mile logistics. In Finland, lockers represent the most popular parcel delivery method and consumers expect a certain level of ease and convenience. As one of the major players in the market, Pakettipiste is focusing on delivering a fast, easy, and flexible customer experience. To achieve this goal, the company was looking for a solution to track and measure the delivery experience.    

We’ve made a conscious decision to prioritize the customer experience. That’s why we selected customer support as the first interaction point in which to measure it.  

Marjo Pääkönen
Marketing Coordinator at Pakettipiste

Collecting customer feedback via SMS survey invitations 

For Pakettipiste, engaging with customers on their own terms is imperative. That’s why connecting with customers via text message was a no-brainer. After a support interaction is complete, the customer receives an automated SMS survey optimized for mobile usage.   

The survey measures strategic customer experience metrics, such as NPS and First Contact Resolution, but is, also, designed in a way that boosts response rates to an open-ended question.  

We are extremely satisfied because more than 50% of survey respondents reply to the open-ended question in the survey. This is the type of feedback we find particularly valuable as allows us to really understand customer needs.  

Turning feedback into action 

Pakettipiste aims to capture feedback that delivers actionable insights. Their bottom line is to improve the delivery experience with their service and steer business strategy to the right direction.  

The company regularly uses customer feedback data to inform business development meetings, identify customer service training needs, improve the look of their lockers, and transform negative customer experiences.  

A few days ago, a customer was experiencing an issue with collecting a parcel from one of our lockers. The customer’s feedback allowed us to immediately resolve the issue and turn a negative experience around.  

Feedback process customization  

Pakettipiste is looking to create a feedback strategy that supports long-term goals and customer needs.The collaboration with Surveypal, enabled them to identify interaction points across the customer journey, determine survey design, create engaging survey introductions, define data reporting structures, and establish best practices. The result was a customised feedback model tailored according to Pakettipiste’s requirements and goals.  

We couldn’t have been happier with our cooperation with Surveypal and we’re already working on expanding our efforts at measuring the experience in additional interaction points in the very near future.

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