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Out of this world tips and expert insights on how to improve customer service experience.

what is customer retention

How Customer Retention leads to growth

In business settings, customer retention is one of those terms that never goes out of style. Research shows that a 5% increase in…

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what is first contact resolution

The benefits of improving First Contact Resolution rates

What is First Contact Resolution? First contact resolution is one of the metrics that help you assess the performance and…

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custom survey design

Customizing your survey to reflect your brand

Does your survey reflect your brand? In a time when effective marketing and branding have the power to differentiate you…

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Hand holding a red pencil above a vector image

Using feedback to supercharge customer service QA

Are you using quality assurance to improve your customer service? As you exit the startup phase and start scaling your…

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what is key account management

Supercharge key account management with customer feedback

Key account management or KAM is not a new concept; it was first introduced in the 1970’s and is more…

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how to improve survey response rates

5 tips to improve survey response rates

More and more organizations are using surveys as a tool to gather information from customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders…

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customer effort score best practices

Customer Effort Score: Calculation and Analysis

The Customer Effort Score is one of the most popular single-question customer metrics, alongside the traditional Customer Satisfaction measure and the NPS. Experts…

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A happy and unhappy smiley face next to each other

6 tips to create a successful customer feedback process

Everybody is talking about the importance of customer feedback and rightfully so. We know by now, there is value in…

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Typewriter spool with feedback written in capital letters

What questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey

Recent research suggests that acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than reselling to an existing customer. So, are your…

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Satisfied, neutral, and unsatisfied smiley faces in a row

The importance of customer satisfaction

Yes, product quality matters. Yes, a competitive price will get you far. But, the data has spoken. According to Walker,…

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Surveypal GDPR

Surveypal is GDPR compliant

Over the last months we’ve been hard at work preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation, most commonly known as the GDPR. GDPR…

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Icons: phone, headset, tablet

Now we’re talking! SMS customer satisfaction surveys for Zendesk Talk

If you are reading this, I’m sure you are aware that Zendesk built into their customer support ticketing system a…

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