Boost your NPS® promoters to promote you even more

Let’s say one of your customer care agents just delivered excellent service to an end-customer and gets a raving review on a post-interaction customer NPS survey.  

“That one’s in the bag, who’s next in line?” the agent exclaims with joy!

What happens next with your end-customer? You can only hope they spread the word of their great service experience to friends and family.  

What if you made the most out of this situation and continued interacting with your end- customer just a bit longer? 

In busy contact center environments, efficiency is key. Prolonging post-interactions is not usually viable – especially when an issue has been resolved successfully. However, saving an end-customer’s day might be a big deal and if they take their time to give great feedback – why not boost your relationship with that promoter? Showing customers that you’re listening and taking positive action based on their feedback can build even more loyalty. We call this concept the Promoter Booster™.

How does the Promoter Booster™ work?

  • Your end customer gives you a positive Net Promoter Score rating (9 or 10) and provides you with open feedback.
  • The positive feedback is automatically redirected to the customer care agent who simply clicks a button in the ticket to send a pre-written reply to the customer.
  • The customer receives the agent’s response and is delighted that the feedback has been seen and made a positive impact in the company.  
  • The customer openly tells the story about the excellent service that they received and the new personal empathetic connection they build with the company  

Before you start the promoter booster process, ask your frontline agents to compose a response template that they can send to customers who give them great feedback. The response template can be modified when necessary, but the point is that it can be sent with the press of a button.

The response message can be personalized to include the customer’s name and further humanized with the agent’s information. The more individualized and personalized your customer care, the better. That is why The Promoter Booster concept works so well to promote empathy and real human relationships in your support environment.

You can use the following example response message to get started with implementing your very own Promoter Booster™:

Hello Madonna, 
Thanks for your feedback and your kind words. I’m so happy to hear  I was able to help you. 

I appreciate you took the time to write in. 

If ever you are having concerns in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re more than happy to assist you.

Thanks for contacting Rocket Warehouse Support and making my day! 

Have a Great Day!​​  
Stay happy and fly high! ​ 

Kind Regards, 


The Promoter Booster™ can be beneficial in many ways. The added positive interaction creates a great experience for both the end-customer and the frontline agent. This means better customer and agent relationships that impact your bottom line, lower customer churn and employee turnover, and increase customer promotion and loyalty.  

Want to drive more empathy in your customer support?

Start using the Promoter Booster™ today and build authentic customer relationships.