Hassle-free agent view for smooth 1-1 communication

Get a full 360° view on your agent’s performance with only a single click. Identify the training opportunities and begin improving with data.

Quickly see how your agent is performing

Examine a summarized overview of an agent and compare changes over time. Bringing hard data and quality insights together like:

  • Ticket solving rate
  • Volume 
  • Average handle time
  • Quality metrics like NPS and many more
  • Cost of contact
  • Latest feedback

“Only 20% of agents are extremely satisfied with the quality of their training“
Zendesk CX trends 2022 report

Know exactly where your agents excel at

Unravel the strengths and weaknesses of each agent from different perspectives:

  • Channels
  • Contact reasons
  • Score reason
  • …And many more!

Learn more about how to understand your service performance by looking at data from different perspectives.

Save up to 80% of preparation time on your 1-1s

Preparing for a 1-1 can feel like a chore. Summarizing reports from various dashboards takes valuable time, that could be spent on e.g. coaching.

Get all the performance and quality data neatly collected into a single view and save up to 30 minutes of data collection per agent per week! Go beyond the surface and get:

  • Training needs and what weaknesses to strengthen
  • Reasons for trending increase or decrease of KPIs
  • Comparisons to company average metrics


The average reduction of your 1-1 preparation time

30 min

Saved time per agent per week

10 h

Saved time in a week in an average-sized CS team


Weekly hours freed up for e.g. coaching in an average-sized CS team

Did you know?
These numbers are based on actual customer data from our customers.

Customer Service Team Leader
Customer Service feedback

Latest feedback to back up your metrics

Add small data to the big picture and get a deeper understanding of the performance numbers. Sort feedback based on

  • negative
  • neutral, and
  • positive

scores to understand what drives customer satisfaction. Break down silos and relay information to other parts of the organization.

Want to see even more? Jump directly to the ticket from any single feedback and know everything behind it. 

Compare to other agents

It’s not a competition but an enormous opportunity to identify single-agent pain points with the team comparison data and to utilize your team’s best working methods across all other team members.

Learn what makes your best performers top class. Leverage learnings and narrow down the gap between your best and bottom performers. 

Easily find the most crucial coaching needs to ensure steady progress in your customer service team. 

Compare agent data to other agents and to the team

Agent specific insights

Stay on the pulse of individual agent performance. Get insights on an agent-specific level to catch any deviations in performance or quality.
Some of the agent-level insights:

  • Utilization rate changes
  • Changes in handling volumes
  • Consecutive good or bad feedback scores
  • Agent Retention warning
  • Bring up training needs for individual agents

Stop wasting time on endless data analysis and focus on helping your agents to improve their KPIs and overall service metrics!

Proact instead of reacting

Attrition risk index

The attrition risk index analyzes your agent data and gives you an insight into how close you are to losing your valuable agent. This gives you a unique chance to take action before it’s too late. These signs can be shown as:

  • Decreasing performance
  • Increasing cost of contact
  • Noticable changes in utilization rates
  • Consecutive bad feedback scores in a row

Save up to 15 000 € by preventing a single agent from leaving the company and recruiting a new one.

Taking all factors together, less than 30% of agents feel empowered to do their jobs well.
Zendesk CX trends 2022 report

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5.0 / 5.0

“Surveypal helps us to see how we’re doing with customers on a day-to-day basis.”

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